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Here's the deal...

Entrepreneur, Small Business Owner, Boss Babe, Risk Taker, Business Person, CEO, Jack of All Trades, Micro Business Owner, Start Up Creator...

Whatever you call yourself, these websites have been custom-built solely for YOU. 


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Pick the right site to grow with and get helpful tips on how to make it your own... It's kinda like asking the green-thumb how much you should water daily!

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Here's what you get:

Ingenious Design Platform 

A Drag & Drop, NO Coding Necessary, Design Forward Platform by Showit 

Now you can be your own coder without ever touching any code! This drag & drop platform transforms any site into exactly what you envisioned. No experience required. 

Completely Customizable on ALL Devices

Gone are the days of only your desktop site looking good

With Showit's Platform, you can customize your site so that it looks AMAZING on every single device. No more cringe-face at your mobile site. Now it'll look just as good as it's laptop counterpart. Excellent. 

Built-In Messaging Prompts

No More "what do I say here"! These sites come with custom built-in messaging 

Messaging on a website is hard, especially on top of everything ELSE you have to do! That's why these sites come with PDFs that explain what words to put where. Follow the prompts and explore your core messaging while pushing confusion to the side. Have your site ready to launch in a week!

If you've been feeling:

Not creative enough for this part of your business

Unclear about your true messaging 

Confused about the web building process

Overwhelmed by what it means to be a new entrepreneur 

You're not alone. It is HARD to start off on a new journey. that is why these sites were made to help entrepreneurs just like you. custom sites for your entrepreneur life without the custom prices. 

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hey, I'm cari

meet your template site builder & full-on cheerleader

I'm a plant-enthusiast and I'm all about making sure you have a website that meets your entrepreneur needs. I started off in custom-web building before I realized that those most in need of a new site are often those that are on a tight budget (like I was when I first started)!

Starting your own business comes with many, many hurdles including endless amounts of subscriptions, business needs, and random expenses. My ultimate goal is to provide you the kind of unique service I would provide to my web designing clients. That's why every site I build is quality, has built-in messaging so that you're starting the foundation of your site right, and is geared to grow.

So, take a look around! There are new sites being added monthly! 

Bottom line?

I'm a plant-loving web designer who wants you to have an amazing website that looks custom-built and reflects your business, but on an entrepreneur budget! 

I miiight have about 22 plants RN... 

"As a busy entrepreneur, I never would've had the time (or skill!) to create such a professional and beautifully designed website on my own... but thanks to Cari I have something I'm proud and excited to share!"

Rachel Everett | IBS Nutritionist

okay but, how does it work? 



Pick out your site from the Greenhouse

The greenhouse is now open

The Greenhouse houses all the sites for your viewing! Just browse through, pick out the one you think you'll thrive with and take it home. View and compare them all in one place. 

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Receive the Email with your Share Key

a super simple process to actualizing your site

Making a template website yours couldn't be easier! Once you purchase all you do is wait for your Token Key to come in, then add it to your Showit subscription! No need to freak out- all the instructions on how to do it comes in your email. It's easy-peasy! 


Make it yours- Customize, Customize, Customize! 

colors, fonts, messaging- go crazy!

Now it's time for the fun! Once you have your token key and your site is in your hands, you can start customizing. There are endless possibilities you can explore, however, feel free to stick with the same color template as well and only change your wording. It's all up to you! Use the messaging guides for your specific template to customize your wording, or come up with all your own. Whatever floats your boat!


Tweak, Love, and Launch

plan your launch day

You've tweaked to your heart's content, fallen in love with your site, and now it's time for launch day! YES, the moment you've been waiting for! Your launch couldn't be easier with Showit's amazing team and support to help make sure you've dotted all your i's and crossed all your t's. It's as easy as pushing a few buttons but if you get stuck there's amazing support to get you through. Now, all that's left is to kick your feet up for an iced whatever-you-want. You did it!

Ready to pick out your new site?

Your NEW website has bloomed and is waiting for you in the Greenhouse

And unlike the succulents you've purchased, I promise you won't kill this one. 

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