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Your new website is ready to be picked out and taken home. no watering necessary.

Totally affordable. Forreal.

Websites can be SO expensive, especially when you're on an entrepreneur budget. The Cariaba Studio sites are made specifically for your budget. Big design on a small budget. 

Completely customizable in every way

Colors, fonts, words, pictures, you name it! Whatever it is you can customize it to your brand. 

Built-In Messaging to get you going

Don't know what to say? I gotchu. These sites come with PDFs that breakdown how and where you should place your messaging! The messaging guessing game is over so you can launch your site faster.

tons of opportunities for growth

Your sites come with built-in webpages, but why stop there? Add as many pages as you want, launch the blog portion, or add a podcast! However your business grows know that your site will grow with you. 

Amazing support from both sides

I'm here to help you get this thing launcheddd but if you get stuck Showit has an amazing support team to help you get unstuck and on your way. Seriously! 

anatomy of a cariaba studio site

The Ivy

classic, clean, simple design

The Ivy Showit Website Template is the classic site made to last. Like the Ivy plant, it has no limit to where it could go! Custom-made with additional pages, The Ivy is made for any entrepreneur needing a completely customizable simple, clean website with the opportunity for growth. 

perfect fit for:

Service-based businesses, educators, creatives, & entrepreneurs. 

The Lucky Bamboo

fun, bright, abstract design

The Lucky Bamboo Website Template is the fun and airy site that will inspire anyone who sees it. Just like The Lucky Bamboo plant that is hearty and bright, The Lucky Bamboo site is made to thrive. Custom-made with additional pages for any entrepreneur, this site will bring a fun and new twist on a classic site. 

perfect fit for:

Service-based businesses, creatives, photographers & entrepreneurs. 

The Calathea

modern, clean, sophisticated design

The Calathea Showit Website Template is the modern site you've been looking for. As stunning as a Calathea plant, this sophisticated site keeps a modern design with minimal effort. The low-light Calathea has beautiful built-in pages to make sure your business thrives. The Calathea is made for any entrepreneur needing a completely customizable modern, and sophisticated website with the opportunity for growth. 

perfect fit for:

Service-based businesses, educators, creatives, & entrepreneurs. 

The easy to grow ones...


New templates added *Monthly*

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Designer made custom sites with room to grow. Completely customizable and totally affordable. How affordable, you say? All sites are under $600. Told ya'. 

The Ivy 

totally affordable. completely customizable.

Classic and easy to grow, just like the Ivy plant, this site gets you started and grows, and grows, and grows. The possibilities are endless. With The Ivy site you can add on any number of pages you want while still keeping the classic and clean feel you love. Use the messaging pdfs to add in your own messaging and you're set to grow. 

Pick out your newly potted ivy site

The Lucky Bamboo

totally affordable. Completely customizable.

With all it's shoots pointed to the sky, The Lucky Bamboo site can take you where you need to go! It's a clean design full of fun and abstract elements. You won't find a boring run-of-the-mill site here. Add your own elements, change your colors and watch this hearty and resilient site grow with you. 

pick up your thriving Lucky Bamboo site

The Calathea

totally affordable. completely customizable.

The beautiful Calathea site is as beautiful as the blooming plant. It's full of sophisticated, modern lines, and muted colors.  Trade out your own color palette or keep the original, whatever you choose you'll have a site as beautiful as the plant itself. With it's minimal effort you won't have to worry about overdoing it; it's a low-maintenance kinda site. 

Grab your low-maintenance Calathea site

Having a site that’s user friendly and beautiful is a priority for my brand. I love how CariAba Studio has made this so accessible and easy to use! If you’re a busy entrepreneur that needs a site set up quickly and easily, or if you’re looking to refresh your current site, then these templates are for you. They can truly take your business to the next level!

CHristine McMichael | Jar of Lemons

okay but, how does it work? 



Pick out your site from the Greenhouse

The greenhouse is now open

The Greenhouse houses all the sites for your viewing! Just browse through, pick out the one you think you'll thrive with and take it home. View and compare them all in one place. 


Receive the Email with your Share Key

a super simple process to actualizing your site

Making a template website yours couldn't be easier! Once you purchase all you do is wait for your Token Key to come in, then add it to your Showit subscription! No need to freak out- all the instructions on how to do it comes in your email. It's easy-peasy! 


Make it yours- Customize, Customize, Customize! 

colors, fonts, messaging- go crazy!

Now it's time for the fun! Once you have your token key and your site is in your hands, you can start customizing. There are endless possibilities you can explore, however, feel free to stick with the same color template as well and only change your wording. It's all up to you! Use the messaging guides for your specific template to customize your wording, or come up with all your own. Whatever floats your boat!


Tweak, Love, and Launch

plan your launch day

You've tweaked to your heart's content, fallen in love with your site, and now it's time for launch day! YES, the moment you've been waiting for! Your launch couldn't be easier with Showit's amazing team and support to help make sure you've dotted all your i's and crossed all your t's. It's as easy as pushing a few buttons but if you get stuck there's amazing support to get you through. Now, all that's left is to kick your feet up for an iced whatever-you-want. You did it!

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