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Clean, simple, and effective! The site that can grow and grow, no matter what type of service you offer. Check out its custom design and easy to understand flow. With The Ivy site, you won't be like you just bought a template... you'll feel like you just made the wisest investment for your thriving business. 

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Completely Customizable

For every single device

Unlike normal templates, this template is MADE to be customized. Add your branding, your logo, your colors, fonts and flair! This site can handle it. With Showit's amazing ability to drag & drop, and your grit to get your business out there- you'll find that customizing your new template will be a breeze. Plus, if you get stuck there's an amazing support team (and me!) to get you on the right track. 

Use it out of the box or add your own designs. Either way, this site is ready for the picking. 

Built-in Messaging

To get you launching that much quicker

I get it, web copy can be intimidating. Add the fact that you have to write your business' messaging and -oof- you've got a headache and a half coming on. That's why I created these sites with limited roadblocks! Don't have your messaging down pat yet? No worries. Each site comes with a full PDF booklet that breaks down the built-in messaging so that you don't have to. The faster we can get your words plugged-in, the faster we can get you launching! AKA *cha-ching*

Think of this like that extra miracle-grow fertilizer. Anything to help you grow!

The Ivy

The Ivy Showit Website Template is the classic site made to last. Like the Ivy plant, it has no limit to where it could go! Custom-made with additional pages, The Ivy is made for any entrepreneur needing a completely customizable simple, clean website with the opportunity for growth. 

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What's included?

An amazing drag & Drop platform through showit to ensure your site is optimized for viewing. 

Design elements and photos as you see on the demo site. Easily change to your own or keep as is!

PDF Messaging booklet, a "Customize your site quick links" pdf, and an "installing your site" pdf for your success!  

A responsive site that can be easily customized to look just as beautiful on mobile; Side by side customization so you know exactly what it'll look like.

custom designed website...

For the Entrepreneur Budget

It gets EXPENSIVE being an entrepreneur (can I get an Amen)! That's why all the sites will be under $600. No, forreal. Take a look around and you'll see that now base website starts above $600. Because I know that building a website is expensive but so is starting out. Don't get stuck by the $$$. Instead, invest in a quality, beautifully designed template for your thriving business. 

The Ivy Site is ONLY:

two payments of 


most flexible

one payment of 


most efficient

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All the sites on Cariaba Studio are made specifically for the amazing Showit Web building Platform.  That means that unfortunately, you can't use this template with any other web building platform like Squarespace. Showit has the abilities to drag and drop, customize to your heart's content, and essentially, have total freedom to create a site just as you want it. For any of these sites, you'll need to have a Showit subscription to go Live with your site. You can find that here

Because of the nature of these sites and the services offered, you can't return the sites once purchased. However, if you are having trouble with the site in any way please reach out! I want you to be happy and ready to tackle the world with your site. If you need help customizing your site to your brand's look, please reach out as well. Entrepreneurs gotta stick together! 

YES!! Showit has a really great ability to use the largest blogging platform, Wordpress, to join your beautiful site to a Wordpress site. That means you get the power of the Showit platform with the amazing blogging ability of Wordpress, all with ZERO coding. That's amazing! Every single template purchased comes with the blog ability that you can customize. In addition, each site has *matching* blog templates for add-on purchases! Yeah-yuh! 

No problem! Whenever you're ready to launch Showit offers an really easy way to make sure you can point your existing domain to your new site. If you have a site at say, Squarespace, Showit can transfer your site name so that your new site is ready to go. Don't have a domain? That's okay- you can buy one from Google Domains! 

Absolutely! The best part of these sites is that they can grow with you! That means you can duplicate ANY page on your site to make a whole separate page. There isn't a limit to how many pages you can create or their use. Take any existing page on your site and duplicate it to customize exactly to your liking. Showit also has a great library of resources to help you duplicate pages, create contact forms, and more! 

Ah SEO, sounds scary but with these Showit templates it's totally doable! Each Showit site comes with the ability to add keywords, meta descriptions, tags, and links all in effort to make sure your site is indexed by Google the right way! You can learn all about how to make your site SEO friendly here

No worries! That's the beauty of these sites. Every single site can be transformed to work for you. While each site  might have a niche or focus industry, it doesn't mean it has to stay that way. The templates can be made to work for any niche or service business. Also. sign up for the monthly newsletter which touts a NEW design every month! You might just find one that's right up your alley! 

Right away! You'll get a series of emails, one of which will hold the Token Key! That's the key to transfer your site over to your Showit platform and *voila*,  you're on your way to launching. You'll also get the Messaging PDF packet that is key for your particular chosen site, and the Launching your Site packet which includes the Quick Links to get you started and launching in no time. 


Did someone say "add-ons"?

Add-Ons for your site

Add-On pages unique to this site! 
AKA Matchy-Matchy

The Blog Page Add-On

Grab the blog design to match your site

Want a blog that matches your site perfectly? NO PROBLEM-O. Enter this perfectly matching blog site for all your design and blogging needs. Blog over at Wordpress; Show it off over at Showit! The beauty of the Showit platform and Wordpress in one. Grab this add-on and launch it with your site effortlessly! 

$200 - Add ON at CHeck out

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The Sales Page Add-On

sell more with the matching sales page add-on

A sales page is a MUST-HAVE for your new entrepreneurial site! Grab the *matching* sales page to add to your new site and promote your course, service, or product like only a sales page can. Generate more with a sales page that is uniquely designed for your site. Customize it like your template and launch. Time for those sales to ring in! 

$175 - Add ON at CHeck out

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THe Messaging PDF

Messaging? Yeah, that's covered.

Unique to each site

There's no need to freak out about what to write when you purchase a template site because they've got built-in messaging and a "Messaging PDF" AKA a cheat sheet to make sure you get all your words out on the screen! It's a complete PDF of more than 15 pages to ensure you understand what you want to say, where, and how- all based off of your unique business. It comes with *every* site purchase, tailored to that unique site! No more shooting in the dark with your core messaging. Words are friends. 

Take the next step in your entrepreneurial journey

Make the wise choice with a template built for you: the entrepreneur who knows how to hustle on a dime. 

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okay but, how does it work? 



Pick out your site from the Greenhouse

The greenhouse is now open

The Greenhouse houses all the sites for your viewing! Just browse through, pick out the one you think you'll thrive with and take it home. View and compare them all in one place. 

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Receive the Email with your Share Key

a super simple process to actualizing your site

Making a template website yours couldn't be easier! Once you purchase all you do is wait for your Token Key to come in, then add it to your Showit subscription! No need to freak out- all the instructions on how to do it comes in your email. It's easy-peasy! 


Make it yours- Customize, Customize, Customize! 

colors, fonts, messaging- go crazy!

Now it's time for the fun! Once you have your token key and your site is in your hands, you can start customizing. There are endless possibilities you can explore, however, feel free to stick with the same color template as well and only change your wording. It's all up to you! Use the messaging guides for your specific template to customize your wording, or come up with all your own. Whatever floats your boat!


Tweak, Love, and Launch

plan your launch day

You've tweaked to your heart's content, fallen in love with your site, and now it's time for launch day! YES, the moment you've been waiting for! Your launch couldn't be easier with Showit's amazing team and support to help make sure you've dotted all your i's and crossed all your t's. It's as easy as pushing a few buttons but if you get stuck there's amazing support to get you through. Now, all that's left is to kick your feet up for an iced whatever-you-want. You did it!

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